About US

Growing up I watched my family cook and have gatherings where family and friends could come together and enjoy eating what was made and that just made me fall in love with food and the art of cooking. I would sit in the kitchen at the end of the table and watch my great aunt and grandmother mix, smell, and taste every single item, and seeing the smiles on their faces spoke of their enjoyment of cooking.

After spending years in culinary school and being a home chef, I was diagnosed as a type two diabetic. As I struggled with changing my eating habits I found that not only what I eat is important but also what I seasoned my food with. This is what started my journey to creating some of the freshest small-batch seasonings you will ever taste from BossDaddy Flava.

I have personally taken my time to perfect each and every Flava we have available down to the smallest measurements and freshest ingredients. After months of testing, I’ve created some of the best spices free of GMO, MSG, fillers, additives, emulsifiers, and flow agents.

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